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Char Siu with Pork Bone Stock at Senbon Sakura

Char Siu with Pork Bone Stock at Senbon Sakura

Katsu Pork Ramen at Sushi Waka

A popular Japanese restaurant in Leeds, Sushi Waka have fused two dishes into one to create their Katsu Pork Ramen. It has your usual ingredients, like eggs with a soft yolk, ramen noodles and steamed fish cake slices, but it’s the broth that’s a little different. It brings together a gently spiced Katsu sauce with their house broth to create a thicker texture. There’s nothing else in Leeds quite like it. For the meat, they coat pork with breadcrumbs and fry it until it’s golden and crispy.

Chilli Beef Ramen at Fuji Hiro

Fuji Hiro pack their Chilli Beef Ramen with all manner of veggies and herbs, but the main event is the meat. They chargrill sirloin steak before adding it their daily made chicken stock. But that’s just the start � red chillies, onion slices, fried shallots and chilli sauce are joined by a sprinkling of mint leaves and coriander to make sure every mouthful is bursting with flavour. It’s served with a side of beansprouts and lime, which are on-hand so you don’t feel the burn too much.

Chicken Ramen at Little Tokyo

You’re actively encouraged to slurp your ramen noodles at Little Tokyo � it’s the traditional way to eat them after all! Using their house miso broth, they put their own stamp on the classic Chicken Ramen. You’ll get a large steaming bowl filled with ramen noodles and tender shredded chicken. They top it up with a colourful array of oriental veg like beansprouts, pak choi, carrot and runner beans, so it’s bursting with goodness too.

Japanese eatery Senbon Sakura serve up some of the best bowls of ramen in Leeds and the Char Siu deserves your undivided attention. You’ll get a large bowl of homemade pork broth filled with tasty staples that bring it to life. They add roasted pork, ramen noodles, beansprouts, spring onion and a soy-marinated egg, but it doesn’t stop there. Sweetcorn and two types of seaweed add a delicious pop of crunch and colour into the mix.