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Other tune try “Day Friends And you can Nightly Lovers”, In my opinion Kenny Rogers performed new tune

Other tune try “Day Friends And you can Nightly Lovers”, In my opinion Kenny Rogers performed new tune

Great post, a number of the best music. There clearly was a song out often brand new late 1950s otherwise early 1960s called “Watch out for The newest Cheater”. but I can’t think about which done brand new song. The guy died just after the brand new song came out and some imagine he forecast his personal death. He died from inside the a bad car crash. You to definitely Porter Wagner tune try from the sixties. We lived with an excellent cheater before day I stepped aside, merely following performed the guy discover the latest mistake he’d made however, it actually was too late. Cheaters never ever read just how much they harm the spouse up to its lover have was presented with.

Ken – I had perhaps not heard of so it track (wow!) and you may added they back at my article on Musical you to definitely Share with a beneficial Tale. Thank you for the suggestion!

Paula, That was a little ahead of I happened to be produced. I paid attention to it, and it is a gorgeous pop tune. Including they on my almost every other cheating playlist (rock pop audio). Thank you so much!

Cheat sleeping. use the buildings. Thus sad. They are the music we shout so you’re able to. They restore the new recollections that may remain therefore dull immediately after many years.

I thought of 1 very dated, FA, you really weren’t even born yet ,! One of many hugest center breakers of all time. “Hurt” from the Timi Yurro (1961) Maybe not a nation tune. I will cry only great deal of thought!! 🙂 sigh. Paula

Failed to sort through all of the comments however, Pam Tillis – Let one Pony Focus on and Lori Morgan – Suppose You’d become Here

An abundance of x’s – Many thanks for the newest track tip. I’m incorporating it so you’re able to a tune number that will be published shortly.

On the like, a little precipitation need to slip

Bookwarm – Right here it’s, with a little assistance from my friends: #72 – Payback off a center-Old Woman from the Tracy Byrd.