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TikTok’s ‘West Elm Caleb’ tale are never ever about Caleb

TikTok’s ‘West Elm Caleb’ tale are never ever about Caleb

The internet has turned the story into a circus, with names and opinions avenues salivating over it like vultures relishing a fresh carcass. Even TikTok weighed in with a now-deleted tweet. Photos of Caleb are splashed across the internet, his social profiles deleted, his label a meme, his dating future obsolete. At the core of the story is a single truth that has unified these women, ignited group chat discourse, and mobilized single women in every other metropolis: We’ve all interacted with a West Elm Caleb; we’ve just never been able to hold them accountable before.

Mimi Shou, good TikTokker and jewellery creator, are the first to choose West Elm Caleb because a possible crappy star. Towards the The month of january. eleven she posted a video on are ghosted of the a man named Caleb, next “kept with ladies review being particularly ‘is that it the west Elm Caleb?’” It was not a similar child, however, Shou is actually fascinated. “Who’s it Western Elm Caleb… as well as how would you boys the know he?”

In earlier times a couple of days, TikTok listings out of people saying getting become charmed, ghosted, and you will, in one circumstances, sexually harassed of the a 25-year-old developer they phone call “Western Elm Caleb” features achieved over fifteen mil viewpoints with the platform

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She learned he had a history of ghosting and took to TikTok to warn others.