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Despite facts implying if not, he is not too twisted

Despite facts implying if not, he is not too twisted

The guy usually tries their most difficult to display discipline and you can admiration to help you the woman just who serves lecherously doing your, particularly Stella and you will Shizuku.


Desperado: In Seven Celebs Sword Art Festival Finals, Ikki reached Brute Soul, become a beneficial desperado, a be just who bankrupt the newest organizations out-of future. As a result, they can boost their magic away from studies, a feat no regular Blazer can do. Ikki also offers an enthusiastic “glamorous push”, which allows your to make up on the latest destiny that he desires; merely releasing intimidation, they can trigger dying once they usually do not place their manage him. Within his battle with Eye, he influenced the newest causation out-of “killing” that can cut-through her Orichalcos playing with Oikage.

Doubling Real Stamina: Ikki’s Blazer function, while the aside off Human body Enhancement. Using it, he can double their bodily overall performance, but this has been regarded as ineffective since the an average Blazer you are going to boost their bodily show from five to six times playing with miracle electricity by yourself.