KULKARNI CLINIC was started as a small neighbourhood clinic by Dr.V.C.Kulkarni in 1973 in a small make-shift room. On a progressive basis, the services offered at Kulkarni Clinic evolved to include specialised treatments like Diabotology, Gynaecology, Dental care, Homeopathy, Natural Living,  etc.

Dr.V.C. Kulkarni was one of the first few doctors in Bangalore to have a portable scanning unit and get special training from a leading institute in Chennai in the area of Medical Ultrasonology.

Dr.V.C.Kulkarni till date has attended to more than 300,000 patients and has attended to more than 5000 families; for a few of which he is attending to the 4th and 5th Generation members.

Dr.Veena started rendering her services to our patients since the year 1986 after she completed her postgraduate Doctorate in Medicine with a specialisation in Anaesthesiology.

She is an expert in spinal anaesthesia and has been attached to many hospitals as a visiting consultant to render her expert service as a team member to many different major surgeries. Dr.Veena is also attached to a Medical college as a  Professor.

Dr. Rohini is a Gynaecologist and carries Special interest in Gynaecological Oncology. She has presented several scientific posters & seminars at various National and International platforms. 

Dr.Apeksha is a Homeopathy Physician, after having Graduated from the Govt Homeopathy Medical College she went on to pursue her higher education in Canada . She is now a certified and Licensed Homeopathy Practitioner in Canada and India. She has special interest in Natural Living, Organic and Vegan lifestyle and highly knowledgeable about latest developments in Nutrition. 

Dr.Ashvath completed his studies in Dental Surgery and started the dental care unit.He has completed many national & international certification courses.

In 2002 Kulkarni Clinic was expanded to "Dhanvantari" the present day modern facility which is the central operational area of all services.

A few specialised visiting Doctors render their expert medical service to our patients.